Access the SAILS Online Catalog

Login To the Catalog 

  1. Enter your Library Card number or Alternate ID in the 'User ID' or 'Alt ID' space at right. (Alternate IDs may be requested at your public library.)
    Please Note:  if your number begins and ends with letters, do not include them.
  2. Next, enter your PIN in the space indicated.  Your first PIN will be the last four digits of your phone number. You may request a new PIN at your library, or change it yourself after logging in. K-12 students using school library cards have a 9999 PIN.
  3. Press the Login button.
  4. Logging-in allows you to access your personal library account, and:
    • View materials you have checked out, and their due dates.
    • Renew your checked-out materials (once only, and only if no hold has been placed on them)
    • Place holds
    • Change your PIN
    • Request an address change
  5. Patrons without a Library Card may click here for Limited Access to the Online Catalog. Limited catalog access does not allow you to place holds or access your account.
user ID:
Alt ID:
(Your PIN is the last 4 digits of your phone number)

Search the Catalog Top of Page

You may search the Online Catalog in several ways. To begin a search:
1. Type the Title, Author's name, or Subject in the place provided. Search Field
2. Click on the appropriate button (Author, Title, etc.) Search Type
This begins the search.
3. If you logged in using your Library Card number, iBistro will search for the desired material in any library, by default. If you wish to search in a specific library only, choose its name from the field at the right of the screen (using the pull-down feature at the right of the field). Search Library
4. To search for a DVD, Video, Book-on-Tape, CD, or Large Print book use the special search tools provided. Special Search

Search Tips

  • If you are not certain of the correct Title, Author's Name, or Subject, type in as much as you can, but avoid mispellings or guesses. It's better to enter a partial term than a mispelled one.

    Search the Catalog

  • If no titles are returned after your search, check your spelling, then try a partial title or the author's last name only. For subject searches try a broader subject (ie: cat or feline rather than "Snow Leopard")
  • For additional help click on How Do I...? at the top of the search screen.

Reserve an Item (Place a Hold)Top of Page

You may reserve an item using the Place Hold button. To reserve an item:

  • Search the catalog for the item you wish to reserve.
  • When you find the desired item check the material type. Many searches will return multiple listings for a single title, usually at least one listing for each material type available, such as books, audio tapes, videos, etc. (Please note that you may limit your catalog searches to a specific material type if you wish.)
  • Find the entry for the material type you want and click on Full Details.
  • At the request screen choose the library at which you wish to pick up your hold. Then select Place Hold. The system will automatically reserve the first available copy unless you choose to request a specific volume or edition.
    Please note that if you are at a Library OPAC you will need to enter your library card number and PIN number to continue.
  • Click the place hold button.
  • You will receive a statement confirming your hold; click ok to place another hold or return to the catalog.
  • Please note: you cannot request multiple items at one time. Each desired item must be individually placed on hold.

Access Your AccountTop of Page

The My Account menu button permits you to review the items you have checked out, renew items, review and cancel holds, change your PIN, and request address or account information changes. To access My Account:

  1. Log in to iBistro using your card # and PIN.
  2. Choose 'My Account' from the top menu.
  3. Select:
    • Review My Account for a list of checked-out materials with due dates and late charges. You may also view your holds here, and cancel them if you wish.
    • User PIN Change to change your PIN.
    • Renew My Materials to renew checked-out materials. You may renew some or all materials, but you may only renew any material one time, and you may not renew materials on hold for another patron.
    • Change My Address enables you to request an address change. This only initiates the process - your request will be forwarded to the staff at your local library.