Personal Laptops

Printing From Your Personal Laptop

Using your personal laptop at the Library? If you want to be able to print using the Library's printers you may do so from your Windows XP, Windows 7 or Mac laptop using the Library's WiFi network and the LPT1 Print Client application. Please note that this procedure requires you to download and install a temporary application on your laptop.

To begin click on the "Download the Print App" link below (available only while in the Library).

Download the Print App

After the download is complete run the application. The app will continue to run in the background until you close it or shut down your computer. While running it will make the following printers available to you at the cost shown:

B&W 8½ X 11 10¢ per page
B&W Duplex (2-sided) 8½ X 11 10¢ per side
B&W Legal 8½ X 14 10¢ per page
Color 8½ X 11 50¢ per page

Printing Using the Print App

When printing your first page you will be prompted to enter a User ID - we recommend you use your name or Library card number (Subsequent print jobs will not require a User ID unless you restart the print app).

The print app will show you the total cost of your print job - you must click on "OK" to continue.

The print app will then show you where to pick up your print job - again, you must click on "OK" to continue.

After you have completed your printing you may manually shut down the print app if desired. Shutting down or restarting your computer will also terminate the app. The downloaded print client application file may be discarded or saved for your next visit to the Library.


  • I tried to print, however; I never saw any notice of price or pick-up place
    • Try printing again. If you still don't see a dialog box after printing, try shutting down and restarting the print app. If this still doesn't work notify a Librarian.
  • I've tried to install the print app on my laptop, however; it won't install or just doesn't work. What happened?
    • Not all equipment or operating systems are compatible with this print app. We know that Windows versions prior to XP and early versions of the Mac OS are not compatible, however; there may be other OS and hardware platforms that are not supported.
  • Are there any risks involved in using this print app?
    • The print app we use was provided by a professional software company specializing in library software and security, however; there is always some risk involved in downloading and installing software as well as other risks associated with unsecured public WiFi networks. The Library cannot eliminate those risks nor is it responsible for any losses and/or damage to personal equipment, software, data files or personal information by the use of the library’s wireless network or by downloading and/or use of the wireless printing client.