Grade 3 - 5: About Summer Reading

The following is a letter sent to the parents of new and returning Elementary School Students for Grades 3, 4 and 5 from Nancy Jacob, a Middleborough fifth grade teacher. For additional information or for clarification, please contact the School.

Dear Parents,

Summer is here already!!! While you are enjoying the great weather and the carefree vacation days, take time to set a silent reading time for your children every day. Not only will they enjoy a great story, but they will hopefully maintain the level of reading skills they acquired during the school year. Might I also suggest that you pleasure read with them on a regular basis to further illustrate the value of reading and to emphasize that reading is a life-long activity. Reading aloud to your child is also an activity I strongly encourage you to do.

Your child has received a list of suggested book titles which includes novels, picture books, nonfiction and poetry collections. These selections have been researched and credited with being excellent pieces of children's literature. Your child's summer reading should include any books that are age appropriate and appeal to his/her interests. All books on the suggested list are available through the Middleborough Public Library or may be purchased at any bookstore or online

Have a wonderful summer with your child sharing books.

Nancy Jacob
5th Grade Teacher