About Online Resources

Searching for information online using search engines or other techniques can often yield conflicting results with widely varying accuracy. Far more accurate and authoritative results can be obtained using the Online Databases made available through state and regional funding.

The menu at left provides quick access to a variety of Internet search tools, local and regional web sites, and selected sites arranged by subject. Although we attempt to keep these lists up-to-date, website addresses, ownership, and format tend to change frequently. As a result some of the listed sites may no longer be in service, and no site should automatically be considered reliable. The Library cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided by these independent websites. We do recommend that users of these sites consider:

  • Who is publishing the information at this site?
  • How reputable is the publisher?
  • What is the publisher's motivation for providing this information?
  • If the publisher's motivation is commercial, then how do they make their money? (if registration is required, will my personal information be sold to marketers?)
  • How current is the information? Is it dated? Is a bibliography included?

Generally, educational institutions (.edu sites), non-profit organizations (.org sites), and the government (.gov sites) provide the most reliable information published on the Internet.

If you would like to recommend a site for this list, or comment on an existing entry, please send an email to midlib@sailsinc.org. We will review all recommendations and post as many interesting, accurate, and non-redundant sites as possible. All proposals are subject to approval by the Library Director, and sites considered inaccurate, or inappropriate for younger patrons, will not be posted.