Acceptable Use Policy

  • Library computers are to be used for educational, informational and recreational purposes only; they may not be used for unauthorized, illegal or unethical purposes.
  • Computer users may not send, receive or display text or graphics that may be construed as obscene under Chapter 272, Massachusetts General Laws.
  • The use of Internet access computers in the Adult Library is restricted to persons 16 years or older, however; persons under 16 may use these computers with written permission from a parent or legal guardian.
    • Permission forms are available at the Library, and must be signed in the presence of a Librarian.
    • Please note that giving your child Internet permission entitles her or him to full, unrestricted access to the Internet - the Library does not use screening software, and can not supervise your child's access.
    • Alternate Internet access for children is available in the Children's Library. The two Internet computers in the Children's Library are unfiltered, however; use is restricted according to the Children's Library Internet Use Policy.