Children's Library Computers

About the Children's Library Computers

The Children's Library offers free public access to computers providing games and educational software, word processing, presentation, spreadsheet and other applications. They also provide access to the internet and online magazines and journals, subject to the provisions of the Children's Library Internet Policy (see below). For more information on using Library computers please see the guidelines for public computer use, as well as the Library computer login procedures.
Please note: Children's Library computers are for the use of children, or children accompanied by an adult. Adults without children must use the computers in the main library.


Children's Library Internet Policy

Computers are available for Internet use in the Children's Library, however, children must be continuously accompanied by a parent or guardian while on the Internet. Please note that Children's Library computers are not filtered for content, however; their use is limited to sites considered appropriate for most children by the Children's Librarian - patrons visiting sites considered inappropriate will be asked to use the computers in the Adult Library. For additional information about Internet access for children please read the Guidelines for child Internet use.


Internet Access Permission for Children Under 18

Children under the age of 18 may use Internet access computers in the Adult Library with written permission from a parent or legal guardian. Permission forms are available at the Library, and must be signed in the presence of a Librarian. Please note that giving your child Internet permission entitles her or him to full, unrestricted access to the Internet - the Library does not use screening software, and can not supervise your child's access. All persons using Library computers must have their library cards with them at sign-up.


Internet Guidelines for Children

The Internet appeals to a child's natural curiousity with its enormous variety and near instantaneous response to every request. Unfortunately, children also normally lack the experience necessary to judge the quality of the information they discover and the contacts they make. Middleborough Public Library and the American Library Association (ALA) believe that the best way to insure a child's safety on-line is to be there while she or he surfs the net. Unfortunately, this isn't always possible. Parents can teach on-line safety, however, by ensuring that their children do not give out any personal information while on the net, and by providing them with a bookmarked list of safe sites.

The ALA provides a listing of more than 700 sites, reviewed and recommended by librarians, at their Great Websites for Kids web page. This page includes links to resources for parents and educators as well as entertaining and educational web sites for children. Other on-line resources for children include the ALA's "Kidconnect" homework service at 

 and on-line Internet classes for parents and teachers. Please remember that most web pages include links to other sites, some of which may include questionable material.