Computer Login Procedures


  • You must use your own library card when logging on to any library computer.


Log in to use Public Computers

  • In order to use a Library computer you must log in using your Library Card number and PIN. (Your PIN will be the last four digits of your phone number unless you have changed it.)
  • Due to privacy rules we can not tell you your Card number, however, if you have forgotten or are uncertain of your PIN please check at the Library desk.
    • Choose any available computer, move the mouse, and click on the word Available. (If you see the word Reserved choose another computer or make a reservation (see a staff member if you're unsure of how to do this).
    • Enter your Library Card number and PIN where indicated.
    • Accept the Acceptable Use policy when prompted (you must accept in order to use the computer).
    • Log off your computer when finished by clicking on the Done Button. This protects your privacy, makes the computer quickly available for the next user, and enables you to log in to a session on another computer.
    • Computers left unused for more than fifteen minutes will automatically end their users session.