The Armenian Genocide in History and American Politics

Bridgewater resident and retired history teacher Ray Ajemian will speak about, “The Armenian Genocide  in History and American Politics."

On the eve of World War I, there were roughly two million Armenians in the Ottoman Empire. By 1922, upwards of 1.5 million of them had been killed and most of the rest scattered to other parts of the world. Despite pressure from historians, governments, social justice groups, and even the Pope, both the Turkish and United States governments refuse to admit that the Armenians were victims of a genocide.

Both of Ajemian’s parents are of Armenian descent and immigrated to the United States; his mother was a survivor of the genocide. Ajemian holds degrees in history specializing in the Middle East. Come learn about this controversial period in history and make sure the world does not forget.

Ray welcomes questions during and after his talk, which is free and open to the public.

Event Location: 
Large Meeting Room