Ed Lodi Presents, "Benjamin Church in King William’s War”

Local author Ed Lodi will be speaking about his new book, Benjamin Church in King William’s War. 

King William’s War (1689-1697) was the first in the series of bloody conflicts known collectively as the French and Indian Wars, in which England and France, with their Indian allies, vied for control of North America. Although best known for his heroic exploits in the earlier King Philip’s War, Benjamin Church led five expeditions against the French and Indians into northern New England and New France.  Lodi will recount the story of those expeditions, for which Church became famous as the forefather of the Rangers. 

 The scope of King William’s War was immense. Lodi will also talk about Hannah Dustan, the first woman in America to have a statue erected in her honor; the infamous raid against Schenectady, NY; and many other topics related to the war.

 He welcomes questions from the audience. A book signing will follow.

 The talk is free and open to the public, thanks to the support of the Friends of the Middleborough Public Library.


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Event Location: 
Large Meeting Room