Digital Library

The Digital Library provides access to online digital information published and funded by the Middleborough Public Library, the Friends of Middleborough Public Library, the Silvia Trust and other contributors.


The resources found here include:

  • Middleborough Gazette Index:
    • A partial index to the local newspaper of that name published between 1852 and the present. At present index coverage ends at 1973.
  • Middleborough Cemeteries:
    • Includes a partial copy of Old Cemeteries of Southeastern Massachusetts
  • Middleborough in Pictures:
    • The Town of Middleborough as seen through the historic photos and postcards of the Walter Thompson slide collection.
  • Middleborough Vital Records Index:
    • A searchable index of the Town's records of births, marriages and deaths.
  • Historic Homes of Middleborough:
    • The original "Middleborough Historic Homes Survey" produced by the Middleborough Historical Commission has been digitized and made available in database format by the Massachusetts Historical Commission's Cultural Resource Information System (MACRIS). Enter the database and follow the steps below to get started using it
      • Select "Middleborough" in the Massachusetts Towns field and click "Add to List";
      • If you know the village name, street name or street number enter them in the "Optional" field;
      • Click on "Next";
      • Now select the "Resource Type(s)" that you are interested in.
        • If you're not sure what to pick, select them all and add them to the list;
        • Click "Next" to get your results;
      • Results:
        • Photographs:
          • Hover over the thumbnail for a larger view or click on thumbnail for full-size.
        • .PDF documents:
          • Click on the inventory number at left for a brief description of the entry, with picture (if any). Click on the INV link at right for a detailed copy of the original scanned document, with picture and additional information. Please be aware that these documents may download slowly.
  • Family Search:
    • Middleborough Public Library is an affiliated Family Search Center Library associated with the Family History Library (FHL) in Salt Lake City. Library users can access more than 2.5 million rolls of microfilm from the FHL´s collection by searching and ordering microfilm online. 
  • Middleborough Historical Resources:
    • A finding tool for print items found in the Library about the people, organizations and events that played a part in the Town's history.
  • Middleborough Library Cranberry Collection:
    • An online collection representative of the part played by the cranberry industry in Middleborough history.
  • Middleborough History Websites


This entire collection is copyrighted. It may be viewed and downloaded freely; and used for educational and non-profit purposes. It may not be used for any commercial purpose.