On The Shelf

What's on the shelf at your Library?


New Books, Movies and more!

The Library Catalog offers a list of all of the new materials that can be found in the Children's Room. Choose what you like and put it on hold; we'll call or send you an email when it's ready.


From books with lots of pictures to books with lots of words, the Library has books for everyone to read. Here's a list of some of the books you'll find at the Library:

  • Nonfiction
    • Books about real things, including; animals, space, cooking, arts & crafts, sports, poetry, history and a whole lot more. Nonfiction can help you find out about almost anything.
  • Biographies
    • Another kind of nonfiction, but biographies are books about real people.
  • Easy Readers
    • These are books for people learning to read, or kids starting their first chapter book. They range from books with just a few words to others with simple, easy-to-read chapters. 
  • Phonics 
    • For those learning to read, this is a great place to start. Located near the Easy Readers, you will find resources to help your child develop reading skills.
  • Fiction
    • Made-up stories about almost anything, including fantasy stories, mysteries, adventure, historical, real life, and more. 
    • Our collection of Easy Fiction is always growing.
  • Graphic Novels
    • Similar to comic books, these books use pictures and dialogue to tell a story.
  • Picturebooks
    • Picturebooks appeal to all age levels, and cover a variety of subjects.
  • Books for Toddlers
    • These books have few words and big, bright pictures that will appeal to younger children. They include both board books and more traditional bound books.


The Library has a large collection of movies including classic cartoons, popular family TV shows, big blockbusters and more.


The Library has a large and growing collection of musical CDs. The collection also includes audiobooks (discs that you use in a CD player) and playaways (a preloaded portable audiobook player). You can listen to your favorite stories.


The Library has many titles for children, preschool age and older, on a variety of topics including sports, crafts, history, science, current events and health.


Choose from more than one-hundred puppets to create your own puppet show.


This collection of items includes seasonal outdoor items such as spring lawn games, winter snowshoes, summer beachkits, a ukulele, and more!

STEAM Kits (science, technology, engineering, art and math)

Kits for familes and educators - Backpacks include books, science tools, and activity cards that allow you to explore the outdoors. Classroom kits include fairy tale stems sets with enough material for a full class, as well as smaller science experiment kits that all educators and families are welcome to take home.

Discovery STEAM Zone

This area rotates monthly/bi-monthly throughout the year to focus on different topics. It includes activities that families can enjoy in the library such as gears and block building as well as materials to further learning at home.

NASA Space Place

As a community partner, the Middleborough Public Library has a rotating display of posters, photos and handouts from the NASA Space Place. Look here fore great books and stargazing, constellations and the cosmos!


Traveling Gnomes for Your Vacations and Day Trips


  • The Middleborough Public Library has is home to seven Traveling Gnomes who are just aching to join you and your family on your vacations and day trips! Here’s what you do:


Alexander Gnome in Cincinnati

  1. Check out gnome just like a book and bring it along.
  2. Gnomes can be taken out for 1 week at a time, unless you have special circumstances (speak to librarian).
  3. Take digital pictures to email to ameyer@sailsinc.org and/or
  4. Send a postcard from your gnome to:
    • Middleboro Public Library
    • 102 N. Main Street
    • Middleboro, MA 02346
  5. Add an entry to the travel diary.
  6. Return your gnome on time to give the next person a turn.