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Featured Titles - September 2023

One of Us Is BackOne of Us Is Back by Karen McManus

[Bayview High, #3]  A member of the Bayview Crew disappears and everyone feels like they could be next, but the situation suddenly worsens when someone unexpectedly returns to Bayview.  Gr. 9+     


Gideon Green In Black and White

Gideon Green In Black and White by Katie Henry

Gideon Green's short-lived run as a locally famous boy detective ended when middle school started and everyone else--including his best friend, Lily--moved on; now that he's 16 and officially retired, Lily shows up asking for Gideon's help.  Gr. 7+  


Unfamiliar, Vol. 1 by Haley Newsome

After kitchen witch Planchette discovers her new house is haunted and the unwanted ghosts won't leave, she realizes the only thing to do is to help them with their problems. Along the way, she befriends a shy siren who hates being popular, a girl battling a curse, and a magically-challenged witch from a powerful coven.  Grade 7+   

Stars and Smoke

Outer Banks: Lights Out by Alyssa Sheinmel

JJ convinces John B to go fishing in the notoriously dangerous Frying Pan Shoals, where they pick up a stranded Kook and run into smugglers with deadly cargo.  Grade 8+

Dungeon Club: Roll Call

Dungeon Club: Roll Call by Molly Ostertag

Jess and her best friend Olivia love playing Dungeons & Dragons together, but when Olivia wants to add new players to their group, Jess finds herself struggling to share their game—and her best friend. Will their epic campaign withstand all this change, or has their adventure—and their friendship—finally come to an end?  Grade 5+ 

83 Days In Mariupol: A War Diary

83 Days In Mariupol: A War Diary by Don Brown

This story of senseless destruction, patriotism and grit against all odds focuses on the people of the Ukrainian city of Mariupol who stayed to defend their home against Russian forces, which came with a devastating price.  Grade 9+

What's New

Pop in and take a look at our new collection of four popular strategy games available to borrow: Risk, Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, and Ticket to Ride: Europe.