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Need a place to hang out after school?  Play a tabletop game, make a craft, or browse for teen materials in our Teen Area.  If you want a quiet place to study, read, or do homework, try the Teen Area, a work table in our media room (designated as a quiet space), or request a Study Room at the Main Desk.

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New Graphic Novels - November 2019

 Animal Farm: The Graphic Novel

Animal Farm: The Graphic Novel by Odyr

A beautiful graphic adaptation of George Orwell's timeless and timely allegorical novel in which farm animals overthrow their human owner and set up their own government. Grades 6-12



 Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass

Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass by Mariko Tamaki

With just $5 and a knapsack to her name, 15-year-old Harleen Quinzel is sent to live in Gotham City. To combat the destructive gentrification of her new neighborhood, she must choose between supporting Ivy, her friend from high school and an impassioned activist, or the Joker, an anarchist of questionable motives. Grades 9-12


 Making Friends: Back to the Drawing Board

Making Friends: Back to the Drawing Board by Kristen Gudsnuk

Secretly creating a double of herself to help with her homework and social status, Dany accidentally unleashes a magical dog that wreaks supernatural havoc on the town. Grades 6+



 Monstress, Volume 4, the Chosen

Monstress, Volume 4, The Chosen by Marjorie Liu

Maika and Corvin make their way through a warped and lethal land in search of Kippa, who is faced with her own terrible monsters. But when Maika comes face-to-face with a stranger from her deep past, startling truths are uncovered, and at the center of it all lurks a dangerous conspiracy that threatens the Known World. Grades 10-12


Moonstruck, Vol. 2, Some Enchanted Evening

Moonstruck, Vol. 2, Some Enchanted Evening by Grace Ellis

When enchanted drinks turn an otherwise ordinary party into a full-on magical meltdown, werewolf Julie must find a way to save her friends and her budding relationship with her girlfriend. Grades 9-12


The Wicked + the Divine, Year OneThe Wicked + the Divine: Deluxe Edition, Year One by Kieron Gillen

Every 90 years, 12 gods incarnate as humans. They are loved. They are hated. In two years, they are dead. Welcome to The Wicked + The Divine, where gods are the ultimate pop stars and pop stars are the ultimate gods. But remember: just because you're immortal, doesn't mean you're going to live forever. Collects issues 1-11. Grades 10-12

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