Book Sales

Ex Libris Bookstore
Located on the lower level of the Library, the Ex Libris Bookstore takes in high quality donations of most media types and uses the proceeds from their sales to fund services and programs run by the Friends.

The Ex Libris bookstore is open to the public under its Summer schedule:
Tuesday: 11am-3pm
Thursday: 5pm-7pm
and on
Saturday, July 16, 12pm-2pm and Saturday, August 20, 12pm-2pm

Check out Fundraising Events to see Special Events at Ex Libris.

Perpetual Book Sale
Looking for a great read to add to your personal collection but Ex Libris is closed?  The Friends have you covered! Located on the Main Floor, you will find a selection of materials that are available for purchase whenever the Library is open. Please inquire at the Main Desk to find out availability and how to purchase these items. 

Book Bags for Sale
Buy a bag!  Fill it once for free with items from Ex Libris using the enclosed coupon! Then, use it for future visits!  Cost per bag is $10. 

Bags are available for purchase at Ex Libris and from the Main Desk.  

Current Pricing


Hardcover Books: $2.00
Audio Books: $2.00
Trade (Larger) Paperback Books: $1.00
DVDs/CDs: 10 for $2.00
Mass Market Paperbacks: 3 for $1.00
Miscellaneous Items: Priced as Marked
Children's Material
Children's Hardcovers: $1.00
Children's Paperbacks: $0.50
Books in Baskets: Priced as Marked
Miscellaneous Items: Priced as Marked

Thanks for thinking of the Library for your donations. Please be aware that we’ll need to review them before anything can be left here and reserve the right to accept or turn away anything. Please make sure your items are in good condition, meaning no mold or mildew spotting on the pages, no torn covers, and no stains. Technology, science or medical books should have a copyright no more than  two years old.  We also can’t accept textbooks, encyclopedias, magazines or VHS or cassette tapes.