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Homeschool Program: Edible Insects

Eat bugs? What? Who would want to eat bugs?

It may not be as wild as it sounds. Crabs, lobsters, and shrimp are closely related to insects, and we eat them!

In other countries, people love eating insects! The taste is often described as nutty, but sometimes like buttered popcorn. People mix them into their favorite foods or simply fry them up, like chicken nuggets.

Insects are healthy. They’re rich in protein and contain many vital nutrients. In fact, consuming them can cure some nutrient deficiencies!

And, turning to a diet of insects may even help save the world!

Find out how by learning about Edible Insects with Blake Dinius, Entymologist Extension Educator for Plymouth County Extension.

Register for this program by calling the Library at 508-946-2470 or emailing

Event Location: 
Large Meeting Room